Using Microsoft® Office to Create Content That Gets Noticed - review

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Stephanie Krieger brings a very usefull resource for experienced Microsoft Office users on both platforms – Microsoft Office 2010 and/or  Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. This book is a comprehensive guide to advanced document and template production, troubleshooting, and customization using Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Throughout this book, you’ll learn about new features in both Office 2010 and Office 2011. You’ll also learn about new technologies and related tools available to users on both platforms. What this book is about is helping you to put what you already know,  together with both new and existing methods and concepts to work the way the experts do, giving you the tools to take full advantage of the capabilities in these programs to find the simple solutions. In short, it’s about doing less work, getting better results, and expanding your possibilities.

This book is devided into 5 parts and 24 chapters:
Part I Document Essentials
Part II Word
Part III PowerPoint
Part IV Excel
Part V Templates, Automation, and Customization
Chapters with most important content:
- Collaborating and Sharing When and Where You Choose
- Doing More with Less Work: Key Cross-Program Features
- Building Easy-to-Manage, Robust Documents
- Managing Graphics
- Sections
- Dynamic Content
- Creating Presentations: From Theme to Master to Slide
- Creating Multimedia Presentations
- Data-Based Documents: Formatting and Managing  Worksheets
- Data Visualization
- The Many Faces of Microsoft Office Templates
- VBA Primer
- Office Open XML Essentials

A number of sample files are available for working with the tasks discussed in several chapters throughout this book. Additionally, the companion content for this book includes a selection of bonus content 
on topics not specifically addressed in the book itself. You’ll see references to the sample files and bonus content where applicable throughout the book, and a complete list follows.
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